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And let's make this our horizontal axis where I'm going to plot our n's.


So this right over here is our n's. And this is, let's say this right over here is positive 1. This right over here is negative 1. And I'm not drawing the vertical and horizontal axes at the same scale, just so that we can kind of visualize this properly. But let's say this is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and I could keep going on and on and on. So we see here that when n is equal to 1, a sub n is equal to 1. So this is right over there. So when n is equal to 1, a sub n is equal to 1.

So this is y is equal to a sub n. And we keep going on and on and on.

So you see the points, they kind of jump around, but they seem to be getting closer and closer and closer to 0. Which would make us ask a very natural question-- what happens to a sub n as n approaches infinity? Or another way of saying that is, what is the limit-- let me do this in a new color-- of a sub n as n approaches infinity? Well, let's think about if we can define a sub n explicitly. So we can define this sequence as a sub n where n starts at 1 and goes to infinity with a sub n equaling-- what does it equal?

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Well, if we ignore sign for a second, it looks like it's just 1 over n. But then we seem like we oscillate in signs. We start with a positive, then a negative, positive, negative. Attendees by industry. Red Hat Summit attendance by industry Red Hat Convergence events are customized specifically for consulting, energy, financial services, government and education, healthcare, and telecommunications industries.

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Session topics include:. Sample Agenda This is an example of an agenda.

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Upcoming events: Paris - September 19 Pune - September No problem! Paris, France January 18, London, UK January 25, Raleigh, NC February 7, Sacramento, CA February 21, Columbus, OH March 14, Atlanta, GA April 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates April 25, While Convergence allows you to overwhelm your foe with the firepower of the First Order, you can also take a more meditative approach and build a deck focusing on the ancient Jedi Knights of the Old Republic. What better way to start than with a true Master of the Council? While this obviously lets you outfit your characters with new weapons and abilities, they get an additional boost if they are a Jedi , in the form of an extra shield.

This is a great way to gain action efficiency, playing important cards while building the defenses of your characters. With two sides showing melee damage and a third showing modified melee damage, the lightsaber is the perfect companion for Mace Windu, and can always be moved to him as a Power Action. As a new base set, Convergence will feature two new starter sets launching alongside it, providing the perfect introduction to Star Wars : Destiny!

Obi-Wan Kenobi will be your primary damage dealer, with two die sides showing melee damage that can be boosted by his Power Action.


You'll have plenty to look forward to here as well, including Blue cards that can boost Obi-Wan's damage output, as well as upgrades and equipment that grant additional bonuses when you spot a Jedi character! Meanwhile, Satine Kryze takes a more supportive roll, granting you the ability to reroll one of your dice after you activate her.

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This starter set also offers Yellow events and upgrades that can grant you resources, give you the ability to control the battle through dice manipulation, and provide additional bonuses when you spot a leader character! The Commando Droids in turn synergize with other droid characters and supports, allowing you to activate an additional droid when you roll them in!

Call it luck, call it the Force, but those of a similar creed always seem to find one another in the Star Wars galaxy. From the ancient Jedi Knights to the ranks of the First Order, which side will you join?